Virtual Facilitation

Virtual Facilitation

“Thanks for a very engaging workshop. Awesome facilitation and delivery! Great job, that was really good. Great use of tech & innovative too.”

The Client

The client is owned by the South Australian Government and work to provide world-class services to more than 1.7 million customers.

The client works with a consortium of partners to deliver services.

Inefficiencies existed within the partnerships, and the client wanted to create a ‘one team’ serving the end customer view. They wanted to create synergy: the interaction of two or more organisations, or substances to produce a combined effect more significant than the sum of their separate parts.

The Challenge

Before COVID19, the client would have gathered people together to define new ways of working.  Not possible they sought support to create an event for 140 people that was as immersive and engaging as being in a room together.  And more crucially set the foundation for the new business model.

PiqueGlobal was engaged in supporting the development of online workshop which included design, facilitator enablement and technical consulting and facilitation to bring the event to life.

The Solution

PiqueGlobal collaborated with the client to design a series of two half-day virtual workshops designed to get the business partners in synergy.  In the design, we worked to create an experience that would be as engaging as being in a room with colleagues.  The workshop focussed on:

  • What did the shift mean for each individual?
  • What does the shift look like?
  • What are the key stakeholder points of view?

The Approach

PiqueGlobal invested a great deal of time in reviewing technology that would support an engaging process.  With the result being a mix of plenary discussion, random breakout rooms, structured breakout rooms.  We used technologies to support the engagement, including  Zoom for ease of facilitating many breakout rooms (140 people in 14 breakout rooms, and  Mentimeter for polling and evaluation.  We designed the session using similar principles of how we would organise an in-room conference with debates, a short discussion, key-note speakers.

Key to the workshop success was:

  1. Pushing the design boundaries to make sure the participant experience was full engagement.
  2. The client wanted to push the boundaries as to what was possible and invested the time to make it work.
  3. Having an ‘air traffic controller’ who had responsibility for the production of the event;
    a) providing advice on design and what was possible and technically,
    b) facilitating the workshop, moving people to rooms, keeping the energy up by playing music;  and
    c) coordinating other supporting technologies.

Results Achieved

The client was delighted, the workshop went smoothly and engagement was incredibly high.  People left the workshop on a high note, with a clear view of the future, and an improved set of business relationships. Feedback from participants was exceptional.

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