Embodying Gestalt Principles and Practice

Join us on this unique learning journey that will transform how you work with leaders and teams in our ‘COVID normal’ world. This program has been designed specifically to integrate Gestalt principles and practices in a virtual environment and is for: Organisational practitioners, Consultants, Coaches, Facilitators, Leaders.


Gestalt is a holistic approach that supports practitioners to engage with others in ways that nurture awareness of self and relationships, creating opportunities for personal, team and organisational transformation. The Embodying Gestalt Principles and Practice program offered by PiqueGlobal is for those practitioners who seek to facilitate deeper levels of awareness and connection among leaders and teams working together in a virtual environment.

You will experience the integration of Gestalt principles and practices in a psychologically safe, compassionate, yet challenging space. You will be well-supported to discuss, plan, experiment and reflect on your own work as you progress through the 7 phases of the program, adding layers of understanding, insight and integration along the way.


We are delighted to announce that UK-based Dr. Trevor Bentley will be mentoring your facilitators: Kerryn Miller and Steven McInnes in the design and delivery of this unique program. Trevor has been working with the PiqueGlobal team since 2008, co-creating learning experiences that integrate Gestalt principles and practice into working with and within organisations.

Trevor has worked for over 25 years bringing Gestalt to individuals and organisations across the world, as well as authoring numerous books and articles published in Gestalt journals.

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Commencing 10 February 2022. This program embodies the 7 fundamental principles of Gestalt by taking the participating group through a series of 7 phases of learning, insight and connection.

Each phase is comprised of 3 learning experiences:

  1. Every 3rd Thursday, 8-10 am AEST, you will engage in a 2 hour, immersive and experiential Zoom session that will introduce and iteratively embody the 7 fundamental principles and practice of Gestalt in a virtual organisational context.
  2. During the week following, you will meet virtually in small groups to share and explore how you can integrate what you’ve learned into your world and your practice.
  3. At a mutually convenient time during the next week, you will connect virtually with a buddy to engage in a more intimate, reflective dialogue.

This program single-handedly changed how I connect with groups. It gave me a profound insight into the power of working with and shifting group dynamics, process versus content learning and ‘being in the moment’ with myself, in a coaching context and with leadership teams. It was highly experiential, very challenging and incredibly engaging. Six years on and I still credit this program as the most valuable development I have done.

Past program participant feedback


The 7 phases of the program reflect the fundamental principles of Gestalt: meeting and contracting, awareness, phenomenology and life space, contact styles, dialogue, paradox and integration.

Embodying Gestalt Principles and Practice Program:

PHASE 1: Meeting and Contracting

You will meet other participants, contract with them, get to know each other, understand levels of interest and exposure to Gestalt, and explore expectations of value, challenge and impact.

PHASE 2: Awareness

We will explore the cycle of experience, and the three levels of awareness. Awareness is a core aspect of a Gestalt approach and lies at the heart of a philosophy that seeks to enhance your awareness of self as you interact with your present environment and those you connect with. In particular, awareness invites you to notice what is happening in the moment, how you are impacted and how you impact others and your environment.

PHASE 3: Phenomenology and Life Space

We will introduce you to the phenomenological concepts of lifespace, and field theory. Your interpretation of awareness is influenced by your whole history of life’s experiences, which Lewin describes as your ‘lifespace’. Phenomenology is another core aspect of Gestalt, that asks you to sharpen your awareness of the what, when, where, how and who of your current experiences and the environment (or ‘field’).

PHASE 4: Contact Styles

We will invite you to explore your contact styles which you have developed in how you connect with your world. Contact is a core aspect of Gestalt, that suggests that you truly meet yourself in contact with the environment and with others. Perhaps we can express this as – you see yourself in the mirror of the other’s reactions to you.

PHASE 5: Dialogue

You will discover Gestalt dialogue which provides the basis for how you can communicate effectively, respond empathically and learn how you impact others for better or worse. Dialogue is the essence of how to build meaningful relationships, including dealing with the rupture and repair of contact episodes.

PHASE 6: Paradox

We will introduce you to the practices of self as instrument, creative indifference, and the art of experiment. The paradoxical theory of change is a simple, yet profound approach that suggests you can enhance your presence in the world by ‘being more fully who you are than trying to be someone you are not’.

PHASE 7: Integration

Having experimented and explored with your peers what you have learned and embodied into your practice, this integration phase will reinforce your understanding that Gestalt is not a tool or technique, but a way of being.


  • PHASE 1: Thurs 10 Feb 2022
    • Peer Support: Week of 17 Feb
    • Buddies: Week of 24 Feb
  • PHASE 2: Thurs 3 Mar
    • Peer Support: Week of 7 Mar
    • Buddies: Week of 14 Mar
  • PHASE 3: Thurs 23 Mar
    • Peer Support: Week of 28 Mar
    • Buddies: Week of 4 Apr
  • PHASE 4: Thurs 14 Apr
    • Peer Support: Week of 18 Apr
    • Buddies: Week of 25 Apr
  • PHASE 5: Thurs 5 May
    • Peer Support: Week of 9 May
    • Buddies: Week of 16 May
  • PHASE 6: Thurs 26 May
    • Peer Support: Week of 30 May
    • Buddies: Week of 6 Jun
  • PHASE 7: Thurs 16 Jun
    • Peer Support: Week of 20 Jun
    • Buddies: Week of 27 Jun
  • Embodiment Celebrations: 8 – 9 am, Thurs 23 Jun


$3,850 (incl GST)

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