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Brian Buchanan


I have a deep passion for lifelong learning, and the notion that everybody should have the opportunity to become the very best version of themselves and contribute to creating thriving communities for our future.

I love working with business and community leaders when the way ahead looks tough. I have a special connection to humanitarian service and working with those who are in need of my effort and ideas.

I want to be able to say to my grandchildren that I am working with companies that care about people and are making a substantial difference in the world.

When in need of thinking time, I go for very long walks – 400kms and more – and find the combination of walking, thinking, and generating grand ideas to be irresistible.

Sharon Koster


During my 25-year career, I have been a leader – in the military, and as a senior executive in a large consulting firm – and now also enjoy working with leaders. Working with PiqueGlobal, I share my leadership experience and expertise as a consultant, facilitator and executive coach.

My expertise in culture, strategy, innovation and change leadership offers a pragmatic approach for senior leaders and their teams. I have facilitated groups from the board and executive level to large senior leader cohorts of over 200 people. I have experience across many industries, including oil and gas, mining, Defence, technology, education and financial services. I have worked in Australia, the UK and Singapore (with regional responsibility).

I enjoy getting outdoors and being active and adventurous.  I enjoy sharing these activities with youth in my role as a Venturer Leader in Scouts.  The youth keep me on my toes – exploring the world and pushing my boundaries.

Steven McInnes


I started my career as a Professional Tennis Player, competing in tournaments across Asia, Europe and played at Wimbledon. After retiring, I worked as an elite coach for 10 years developing the players of the future and helping them to understand that tennis involves much more than just hitting a ball – it also involves strategy, tenacity and resilience. These qualities, I later came to understand are important in all aspects of life.

Today, I work with leaders and organisations to help them turn their strategy into action, to build their leadership capability and to enhance connection across their stakeholders and value chains.

As a founding Director of PiqueGlobal, I’m involved in working with high performing leadership teams to deliver on their Vision, Goals & Strategy as they grapple with the big challenges that emerge in their industry. My role is to facilitate, coach, challenge and provoke individuals and teams to think in different ways, consider alternative perspectives and bring the best out of the collective talent in their organisation.

What I find really rewarding, is to see the continued growth and success of my clients including CSIRO, Queensland Rail, Canegrowers, Federal & State Govt Departments, Mazda, ANZ Bank, BMW, Telstra & AusPost.

I still have a passion for tennis and compete on the Master’s Seniors circuit.

Kerryn Miller


As an organisational psychologist, I grew my career during the economic recession of the early 1990s, working with financial advisers to build capabilities and resilience in the face of major industry reform. Since joining PiqueGlobal in 2017, it has been humbling to be part of a ‘tribe’ who artfully combine our common and diverse talents to grow courageous and connected leaders.

My practice is holistic and evidence-based. I am committed to supporting leaders to engage in reflective practice in all they do. I partner with leaders and organisations across the globe (as far away as Antarctica) to build capability that is both systemic and sustainable. With my support, organisations craft safe spaces in which their people can face the ever-increasing demands of their work and life roles with humanity, agility and success.

I have qualifications and experience in advanced coaching and supervision. I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, Victorian Co-Chair of the Association for Coaching and Fellow of the College of Organisational Psychologists. I hold certification in a range of diagnostic tools including the Leadership Circle, LSI/OCI, MBTI, MSCEIT and Four Rooms of Change.

I enjoy nourishing my adventurous, playful, creative spirit by singing in a choir, vinyasa yoga, sketching, painting, playing the guitar, dancing and outdoor adventures.

David Romano


I am a qualified facilitator and coach with a passion for developing leaders and their teams to affect the cultural, strategic and personal change needed for their organisations to prosper. I get a huge kick out of working side-by-side with senior leaders who dare to transform themselves, their teams and their organisation. Seeing them grow as leaders and achieving incredible results keeps me inspired in my role as a leadership facilitator and coach. I have qualifications in leadership and am accredited in a range of psychometric instruments including The Leadership Circle, MBTI, MRTI and Strengthscope™.

My approach is built on the back of 18 years of business experience. My real business experience gave me an insatiable appetite for working with senior leaders. My business experience includes work in senior management roles with Australia’s largest insurance companies – including in business development, operational management and project leadership. In these roles, I oversaw significant commercial portfolios achieving nationwide benchmarked profit returns, while leading a large professional team.  In project leadership roles I was heavily involved in mergers and acquisitions, and business transformation initiatives. I was intricately involved in redesigning business processes that transformed organisational performance.

Outside of work, I love to travel – a passion which has taken me from climbing high mountains in Nepal to diving in beautiful underwater locations. From heritage cities to remote locations, my adventurer’s heart is always exploring and visiting new experiences, cultures and places.

Paul Sedgwick


I am one of the founding partners of PiqueGlobal and lead some of the broader Asia business. My role sees me active around the world and has spanned many industries, with particularly deep experience in the science, automotive and financial services industries.

My cross-cultural work has been an incredible learning journey, which has challenged many of my previous assumptions about effective leadership practice. I deeply appreciate the nuances and challenges of working with leaders in organisations that operate globally, and who have multicultural workforces.

As a former senior leader within the banking and finance industry, I have witnessed first-hand the difference effective leadership makes in driving organisational outcomes. I focus on working with teams, individual leaders and leadership communities to help them deliver on business and personal ambitions. In particular, I work with them to lift the collective consciousness of leadership within organisations, so it is more agile and adaptive to challenges.

I have an energetic and passionate facilitating style and am quick to nurture trust within groups to elicit more open and authentic conversations and insights. I am privileged to have worked with some clients for over 18 years and to have proudly shared their development and successes along the way.

Senior Consultants

Dr Ying Ying Liu
Senior Consultant


Born and raised in China, I received my master’s and doctorate in the US, after which I taught in US universities for six years. Since then, my work has focused on supporting organisations, executive teams and individuals in successfully achieving their global business objectives. I have worked with more than 90 multinational companies, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. I have a solid understanding of international business processes, systems and structures.

I bring broad experience and perspectives gained from working across many different industries, from technology to manufacturing, healthcare and finance. I am passionate about developing people, and have spent more than a decade as a facilitator, consultant and executive coach in the areas of global leadership, global team development, and diversity and inclusion. My clients have included c-suite executives, international board members, regional and country heads, as well as senior to middle management.

I have significant experience facilitating changes in organisational culture, and integrating western and Asian business practices in different market conditions. I was part of the facilitator team which delivered Ford’s ‘Compass’ program – an award-winning global leadership development program for people with high leadership potential in selected Asian countries. I was also a key facilitator for several global company initiatives on diversity and inclusion in the APAC region.

Deepak Shetty
Senior Consultant

0450 238 521


I am a facilitator and coach who designs and facilitates workshops across the Australasian region for a variety of clients. Over the last 20 years I have had the privilege of working with clients in Australia, India, Kuwait, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, UK and UAE. I have worked with organisations like Accor, Marks and Spencer and Unilever. I have qualifications in management, and certifications in Gestalt Facilitation, Clarity 4D and The Leadership Circle.

I have lived and worked in half a dozen countries and facilitated across a range of industries. Through this, I have developed an ability to design and deliver solutions for clients that are relevant to their context, and which challenge their thinking. I believe we all have untapped potential. As a facilitator, I can help leaders tap into this to benefit themselves, their teams and the organisation. I especially enjoy the challenge of working with diverse leaders and creating inclusive spaces for them to engage, collaborate and take action.

I am married to Divya, who is a wonderful partner and yoga teacher. We have two amazing boys Adi and Krish. We enjoy taking road trips around Melbourne, trying out wonderful food, playing cricket at our local club, and cooking together.

Vicki Crabb
Senior Consultant


As a coaching psychologist and career specialist, I work alongside both emerging and established leaders to identify what really matters, to develop their leadership capacity starting with wherever they are at, to process tough situations where relevant, to build insight, fresh thinking, optimism and confidence. I have worked widely across government, not for profit and private sectors in Australia, and more recently in the Philippines.

My personal style is down to earth and flexible, strongly influenced by living in 5 different countries by the age of 17, followed by regular trips to Papua New Guinea for a further 12 years. Becoming a registered psychologist in 2005 was preceded by many years of nursing in diverse contexts. These all served to feed my insatiable appetite to learn new things, and especially to understand people and how we tick.

By taking on a range of leadership roles for the National and Victorian Coaching Psychology Interest Groups with the Australian Psychological Society from 2007-2017, I have become part of strong, collegiate group who together at that time made a tangible contribution towards the promotion of coaching excellence across Australia.

Outside of work, I am refueled by keeping fit, reading into the night, being amongst the gumtrees and birdlife, and hanging out with my family, friends and the very connected neighbourhood in which I live.

Olivia Evans
Senior Consultant

0407 679 8478


I have extensive and diverse experience coaching executives and leading a range of people and change consulting projects across Australia. I have also developed a strong commercial understanding and appreciation for the demands and complexities inherent for leaders, particularly in large organisations.

My interest in the science of leadership, and the positive ripple effects of highly effective leaders, has led me to assist leaders to build capability, improve performance, enhance wellbeing, and maximise potential through one-on-one coaching. I enjoy applying contemporary coaching and positive psychology research and practices, focusing on strengths, growth, and transformation. I build quality relationships quickly, guide clients to self-discovery, and support independent growth through reflective practice.

I hold a Master of Organisational Coaching (with merit) from the University of Sydney, and I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation. My certifications include the Leadership Circle, Global Leadership Wellbeing Survey, and Mental Toughness. I also drive ‘coaching excellence’ at the industry level, currently via my role on the Association for Coaching (Qld) leadership team.

I love exploring and enjoying the great outdoors with my family. Having spent the last 15 years in Sydney and Melbourne, I now love getting reacquainted with my hometown  Brisbane.

Mike Howard
Senior Consultant


I have a passion for working in leadership development. I love what I do, and being part of the team helps me play to my strengths. I am motivated by the growth I see in leaders when we work together – whether that’s partnering with a small organisation, working with amazing people in the Australian and Canadian defence sectors, or admiring the remarkable intellect of leading scientific minds in Australia.

Before taking up my role at PiqueGlobal, I worked in the financial sector. I relished the challenges as I moved through different areas and roles – learning and development, product management, business planning, sales and regional management. I draw on my corporate experience on most days. My background gives me a great understanding of the issues that organisations and business leaders are challenged with every day. In a similar vein, while I have formal business qualifications – which provided an excellent base to build upon – my most significant professional development has come from practical experience, working with talented people and teams to share and apply insights to deliver results.

My family also give me great joy and laughter. I’m proud that they are and continue to be, good people who care about others.

Deb Dickson
Senior Consultant



As a Senior Consultant with Pique Global I work with individual leaders to develop their capacity to lead through complexity, and leadership teams to collectively achieve systemic change. I am an experienced executive and consultant with a particular focus on organisational and culture change, and vertical leadership growth. I have been in Executive roles in the finance industry and Government for over ten years across both operational and corporate services functions.

I have led large teams through a number of organisational transformations from planning to execution and was a coordinator and first responder at the State level to emergency events including the bushfires of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic. I am a firm believer that organisations can, and must, honour a responsibility to the growth of their people, those they serve, those they partner and those they impact without sacrificing growth or achievement.

I now have the privilege of working in partnership with organisational leaders (SA Water, Keolis Downer, University of Adelaide) through Executive individual and team coaching, vertical development programs, and advice and management of systemic change programs, particularly culture change. My approach is oriented toward helping leaders to embrace their full capacities, lifting awareness and conscious action, allowing and enabling growth and maturity amidst ambiguity.

I hold a Masters of Business Administration, Masters in Human Resource Management, and a Bachelor of Management. I am accredited in various cultural diagnostic, adult development and coaching tools including The Leadership Circle (TLC), MindNavigator, Human Synergistics (LSI/GSI and OCI/OEI).

June Gameau
Senior Consultant



My career has spanned a range of industries in HR, OD, and Transformation executive roles, leading teams and large-scale change projects.  I consider myself a leadership and teams’ facilitator, helping organisations to achieve their purpose and performance in times of disruptive change. My strengths are energy and passion for excellence, the ability to build trust and connect with people, and my wisdom in coaching leaders through their own personal change and through business transformation.

I have first-hand knowledge of the opportunities and complex challenges facing leaders, having led people and teams for over 30 years in large organisations. I have led major culture and transformation programs in the energy, mining, oil & gas, and manufacturing sectors, for companies such as AEMO, Jemena, BHP & Santos. My areas of expertise include: culture change, organisational & operating model design, capability development, executive and team coaching, and HR strategy and implementation.

I call myself a ‘Texstralian’, and enjoys exercise, long walks, travel, reading, sports, and finding ways to laugh and love life with those around me.

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