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I had been working with individual supervision on an ad-hoc basis over a couple of years, before commencing group supervision. Individual supervision was always extremely useful, as I could discuss complicated cases and Kerryn would allow me to hear my own thinking, support my deeper reflection and contribute her wisdom and experience where relevant.

Group supervision was a whole new ballgame. It took me a few months to realise the impact and power of this style of supervision. I became a convert and continued various combinations of groups for about 5 years until recently. The difference is that we are coaching in vivo. The group dynamic facilitated all sorts of experiences to emerge that would not emerge if we were just talking about cases. We were coaching each other and the trust was deep. I was faced with my vulnerabilities and fears as they arose in our group work, as well as receiving in-the-moment feedback from the group. Incredibly powerful. It was a layering experience where my deep insights and personal growth emerged over time.

Coaching Psychologist, WorkWare Solutions

For the past ten years, PiqueGlobal has been part of my development as a leader, the development of my teams and a trusted coach and advisor as I map out and pursue a fulfilling career. I am always grateful for insight – and challenged by it in equal measure. PiqueGlobal has supported me directly as a coach, has worked with my teams through peer and group coaching and to develop change capability. PiqueGlobal has also worked with our high performers and high potential female leaders. They have exceptional skill and are always striving to better in their role as a coach, so they can help me to be better in my role as a leader.

General Manager, Corporate Services and ERP Platforms, Transurban

PiqueGlobal provides Group Supervision to the Navy’s internal senior coaches as part of a development program for that team of coaches. PiqueGlobal’s skill at facilitating group processes to enable us to reflect on our practice for deep learning. Overwhelmingly, the verdict from the coaches in the group is that PiqueGlobal is very good at building rapport, creating a safe space for honest dialogue and openness and respectfully containing discussions to the purpose of the session. Kerryn is professional, knowledgeable and very experienced. We will continue to use PiqueGlobal’s ‘gift’ as we continue the development program for our senior coaches.

Senior Leader, Defence

Prior to working with PiqueGlobal, I viewed the place that ‘coaching’ held in organisations as being dry and uninspiring. However, PiqueGlobal’s approach to coaching and peer-based supervision has been extremely grounding and refreshing and has shown me what’s really possible in this space. Because their approach starts with what people and groups are working through in the moment, the sessions come alive with energy and spark. The work we’ve done together has given me the confidence and skills to build a more connected and open leadership team at work and also provided me with valuable space for support, reflection and growth.

Head of Programs, The Man Cave

I wanted to pass on the feedback I have received from today. I’ve had over half the group come to me to tell me it is the single most impactful session either of its type or “ever” that they have attended. I also had 2 members say “hands down the best facilitator”

Head of OD, Independent Medical Device Distributors

Growing and maintaining a successful business takes much more than competency around your core business offering. It requires the ability to identify and have meaningful conversations about the key issues facing you daily.

While this sounds simple, it isn’t. It’s often easy to brush issues under the carpet or just ignore them, especially if it means having uncomfortable conversations with your team. The PiqueGlobal leadership coaching program has provided us with the tools to have courageous conversations with each other and our staff in a non-confrontational way. It also helped us understand our strengths and how we can make the best of them in our daily interactions.

We have all got a lot out of this experience. Self-awareness, understanding of others, communication skills, and yes, listening skills! Through team coaching, we learned to listen, to identify and acknowledge each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and to support one another in ways we would not have considered without her guidance.

Joe Fusca, Managing Director, Graphite Projects (NSW)

I have been partnering with the coaches at PiqueGlobal for more than 10 years to support the development of a high performing organisation. Through collaboration with PiqueGlobal, I have observed a remarkable improvement in the people and organisational skill of the leaders in the research program and a change in working culture in the workplace. Alignment between our organisation´s goals and colleague’s opportunity to develop themselves and have created a win-win situation which has resulted in remarkable efficiency improvements in the program and a fun workplace for staff to work at . Recently, PiqueGlobal has developed a custom-designed program “leading pathways to impact” to equip the leadership team and its leaders with skills to implement our new strategy. I look forward to continuing to work with the coaches at PiqueGlobal in the future.

Dr Leif Lundin, CSIRO, Research Director, Food Program

Virtual group supervision for organisational consultants is such a brilliant initiative. I really got a lot out of the session, and must say that PiqueGlobal’s facilitation skills meant that virtual was personal – so thank you so much for the experience!

Organisational Psychologist, Head of Assessment, Korn Ferry

The University of Adelaide has enjoyed a long and very successful partnership with PiqueGlobal for over 10 years – helping us to align our leadership, culture and change capability to the University’s vision and strategic priorities.

PiqueGlobal continuously invests time and expertise in getting to know our University and the environment in which we operate – discovering what really matters; what the issues and challenges are; who our people are; how our organisational culture impacts decision-making, communication, behaviour and our response to change. They have developed an in-depth understanding of the nuances of the academic, scientific and research mindset of the higher learning sector as it confronts the demands of an ever-changing, highly competitive landscape in a resource-constrained environment.

A few of the many tangible outcomes of the work that we have undertaken in partnership with PiqueGlobal have included:

  • fast-tracking the promotion of high potential senior leaders into executive roles after their involvement in a “Lead the Future” program;
  • a significant increase in line management effectiveness following a “leading performance” program (as rated by staff members in our Voice survey); and
  • enhanced collaboration at senior leader level as evidenced by the support for a Vice Chancellor’s Executive Program that we co-created with PiqueGlobal to facilitate the ‘real work’ of implementing strategic priorities and leading change across the University.

I have referred many of my peers and senior leaders in other higher learning organisations to PiqueGlobal, and have no hesitation recommending them to any organisation in need of trusted leadership development facilitators and strategy, culture, change and organisational development partners.

Associate Director of Human Resources and Head of Organisational Development

It is worth commenting on HOW PiqueGlobal goes about doing their work with clients, which has been a large part of the reason that we have kept going back to them. We have a ‘thought partnering’ arrangement, and they are excellent at this approach, whereby they come in and help us define and clarify the problem, we brainstorm and bat around some possible solutions, and they support us to own the solutions and change work going forward. It has meant that we have built our internal capability and we are well-positioned to sustain the change going forward.

Senior HR & Transformation Executive

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