What we do

Through facilitation, coaching or development programs we design a customised experience that helps you realise your leadership ambition.

Whether face-to-face or virtual, we ensure a truly immersive and connected experience.

We tailor our service to your needs and goals. Some of our offerings include:

Building tomorrow’s senior leaders

Today the work of leadership is complicated. With constant needs for organisations to adapt to an ever changing environment, leaders need to focus attention on multiple facets of leadership if they are to achieve great outcomes. Leaders need to build their courage and resilience to act while fostering humility and diversity in order to connect deeply with others.

At Pique, we use contemporary leadership development models that focus on shifting leaders’ mindset to be ready to embrace complexity and successfully lead their teams and the enterprise. We work directly with individual leaders to increase their capability to get the best out of themselves and their teams, through customised leadership development programs, as well as one-on-one and peer coaching.

Developing highly effective teams

For teams to be effective, real conversations need to happen……… not just polite conversation…….. the challenging ones. We work with leadership teams in a highly experiential, practical and interactive way; enabling team members to engage in reflective and honest dialogue. We explore the highly effective disciplines of executive teams specifically using the context of their work.

At Pique we partner with senior leadership teams to increase their collective capability and team effectiveness. We do this through leadership capability assessments, executive team development programs and team coaching.

Facilitating changes in strategy and culture

Reimagining the future and leading organisational change is both necessary for today’s leaders…….. and yet tough to get right. The desire to return to the status quo is always strong.

At Pique, we facilitate strategic planning and change processes. Our approach has an implementation bias to rallying an Executive team that leads change as one. This ensures both strategy development and effective execution carry equal weight, guaranteeing strategic intention translates into organisational impact.


Coaching fosters self-reflection and deliberate consideration as vital aspects to achieving development goals. This means that leaders are equipped to not only navigate the system(s) in which they are learning and working, but also to influence and shape the culture of the team or organisation they are helping to lead now and into a sustainable future.

Centering on the shifts in both thinking and behaviour, we hold a joint commitment to both performance outcomes and leadership development goals. We see our coaching role as one of feedback, challenge and support. Feedback to help leaders see patterns and links between their behaviours and the results they are getting; challenge of their assumptions about the world they live in and the stories they tell themselves; and support to help them to make the journey of change.

We approach every assignment using these principles that are essential to coaching:

  • Identify ‘best-fit’
  • Balance flexibility and simplicity with structure
  • Ensure clarity, accountability and confidentiality
  • Leverage sponsorship (where appropriate)


Our highly qualified supervisor / Organisational Psychologist) provides professional supervision to coaches, psychologists, facilitators, leaders and consultants who work with individuals and teams in organisational settings. This form of professional development is relevant for any practitioner who is seeking a supportive system in which they can engage in deep reflective practice to grow the impact of their coaching, serve the needs of the organisation and manage their own self-care.

The supervisor facilitates the shared space of curiosity to enable an honest examination of the personal, relational, political, ethical and contextual demands called upon in providing coaching in an organisational setting to help:

  • Foster insight
  • Make meaning from practice
  • Challenge assumptions
  • Reshape limiting beliefs
  • Encourage action, and
  • Sustain personal and professional growth


Working one-on-one with a supervisor provides coaches with the opportunity to offer an account of their work; reflect on how they show up and seek feedback and guidance.  The safe space created in supervision enables a discipline of critical reflection; to analyse and question ideas, challenge thinking, learn and experiment with new skills and knowledge; and to use their experience as a springboard for reflective practice.


For professional coaches and experienced organisational consultants, we offer the unique benefits of small group supervision:

  • Enables coaching skills practise, observation and feedback as well the opportunity to be both coached and supervised.
  • Provides collective support to enable group members to reflect more deeply than they would on their own.
  • Encourages peers to generalise from the reflections of others – aiding problem solving and resource sharing.
  • Develops a strong and sustained community of practice.

Our methods

Our people have expertise in a wide variety of tools, methods, approaches and styles.

Examples include:

Leadership and team frameworks (to create shared approaches)

Business simulations (to immerse participants in transformative experiences)

Cultural diagnostic tools (to identify group norms and values)

Team diagnostic tools (to assess team capabilities)

Individual diagnostic tools (to identify strengths)

We select carefully from these options to develop courageous and challenging approaches to achieve your goals.

In our experience integrating strategy, culture and leadership, and working at both the personal and organisational level, delivers lasting impact.

Encompassing the whole organisational ecosystem is the best approach to achieve transformation.

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